Covers, fixes, protects and waterproofs.

A thin, transparent, elastic and waterproof adhesive film that protects the skin and allows bathing and personal hygiene? Yes. Use it as a dressing, fixative or skin protector.

NOBECUTAN is a plastic spray dressing for covering clean, dry wounds. It forms a thin, adherent, elastic, transparent and waterproof film on the skin.

It can be applied repeatedly in layers to the same area. As it adheres in the first few moments after application, it can be used as a fixative. It’s transparent so it allows the wound to be examined while minimising the risk of contamination. It’s also used to protect the skin prior to the use of adhesive dressings, in incision injuries, ischaemia cuffs and ostomies.


  • Covering clean and dry surface or surgical wounds by forming a thin, adhesive, elastic and transparent film.
  • Covering scrapes and burns. Puncture sealing.
  • It can be used to reinforce the regular dressing by spraying on each layer.
  • It protects the skin from irritation caused by adhesive pressure dressings, ischaemia cuffs and in ostomies.


Transparent: it allows for the examination of the wound without risk of contamination.

Elastic: it can be used on joints without risk of breakage. Its high adaptability allows and withstands movements.

Micro-porous: it enables the skin to breathe. It’s impermeable to water but permeable to steam and humidity, thus preventing maceration of the treated area. It allows bathing and personal hygiene. 

Administration route

Spray for external use. 


Spray in the desired area from a distance of 15-20 cm.


Spray for external use in a 250 ml container. 

Other names


Inibsa: for pain-free dentistry

Inibsa is a group backed by over 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and specialises in manufacturing and marketing dental anaesthetics. We are currently the world’s second largest producer of this type of medicinal products and export them to more than 60 countries.

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